The perfect system for businesses utilizing 2 to 400 ports
The Iwatsu system has
Caller Line ID
Computer Telephony Integration
Seamless voice mail integration with Iwatsu and practically every other voice mail system
Automatic call distribution
900 Mhz cordless phones
Omegatrek In-house cellular system
Call Detail Recording
Hotel / Motel features
Door phone
Full feature attendant console
Networking through standard T-1 circuits
Campus software - * Link all of your sites together seamlessly
Non proprietary battery backup solutions
Networking through LAN connections
Work from home!
Full E-911 compliance
Upgrade ability - evergreen policy
40 party conference
8000 foot distance limit on digital phones
It's high time between failures and completely non-blocking architecture make this system one of our finest products
 Pick a feature and you will find, not only does the Iwatsu system have it, the feature is better than the competitors.